More Second Acts

If you have ever felt like chucking your career path and starting afresh, you might find your company chief executive or chief financial officer joining you on that journey.

More than half of executives would choose a new field if they could start afresh, according to Korn Ferry International, an executive search firm. Six in 10 who responded to the company's recent survey said they expect a major career change is highly likely; an additional quarter say it's likely.

"Your horizon of working is longer than it used to be," said Executive Vice President Gary Hourihan, who joined Korn Ferry seven years ago at age 50 after running his own company. Executives in their fifties and even sixties are ready to change because they have the financial means and mobility to do so, he said.

They are ready to switch even though most of them believe they have achieved a measure of success and would recommend their profession to a young person just starting out, the survey of 1,700 Korn Ferry-registered executives shows. Of course, executives who have registered online with a search firm, as these have, might be a bit more restless than some other folks.

-- Vickie Elmer