Kitty Twitter If you often leave for a long day at the office wishing you could stay home as cozy as your cat, curled up and blissfully untroubled by the demands of work, today is your day. It's Leave Your Cat at Home Day, a spoof on the bring your kids and dogs to work days. It's sponsored by cat-sitters and a cat-lover from Minnesota. The day's intent: to celebrate those creatures that take naps while their humans work for them. And that feel oh so superior to the dogs that perform tricks in hopes of getting a bone thrown their way, or waste precious energy chasing sticks.

Pet-sitters are observing the day with extra TLC for the kitties in their care, says Grace Jaeger, the co-inventor of Leave Your Cat at Home Day. Jaeger, who has eight cats and owns Cat Watchers cat care business in Bloomington, Minn., suggests owners wear something to work -- a cat sweater or pin -- or post a picture of Boots or Mittens on their desk in honor of their pets at home.

For those who can't see kitty during the day, maybe this is the day to leave early and pick up cat carryout, or bring home some extra catnip.

-- Vickie Elmer