BRITAINLabor Party Donations Anger UnionsThe Labor Party took in $1.5 million in donations in the fourth quarter from private-equity firms and hedge fund executives. The donations angered labor unions, which provided $2.1 million of the party's funds. Total donations to Labor, the party of Prime Minister Tony Blair, were $5.1 million. The opposition Conservative Party received $10.4 million in donations, and the Liberal Democrats received $4.5 million. CUBACigar Revenue UpFacing public smoking bans around the world, cigar lovers are spending more on finer smokes for the fewer opportunities they have to light up, and that boosted sales of Cuban cigars last year. Habanos, a joint venture between Cuba and the Spanish-French tobacco group Altadis, said sales of premium, hand-rolled cigars rose 8 percent, to $370 million, last year. Moving to meet rising demand for finer cigars, Habanos is making more products with aged tobacco leaves. One-third of the 400 million hand-rolled cigars sold in the world each year are Habanos, but they are banned in the United States under four-decade-old trade sanctions against Cuba's Communist government.

MERGERS & ACQUISITIONSKinder Morgan Sells Retail Utility Kinder Morgan, a Houston natural gas pipeline and electricity generating company, agreed to sell retail utility business Terasen to Canadian power company Fortis for $3.2 billion. The sale is subject to regulatory approval and may close by mid-year. Terasen Gas and Terasen Gas (Vancouver Island) deliver natural gas and piped propane to approximately 900,000 customers in British Columbia.

Compiled from reports by Washington Post staff writers, the Associated Press and Bloomberg News.