Britannica's Info Bottleneck

Encyclopedia Britannica's belated jump into the for-free age is off to a shaky start. Since the encylopedia's free site was launched on Tuesday, it has been inaccessible to most would-be online visitors as a result of heavy traffic. "We were expecting millions of hits," said Kent Devereaux, senior vice president of product development and editorial at "We weren't expecting tens of millions of hits." The company is updating its hardware so that more surfers will have access. "Next week, this will all be over," Devereaux said. Encyclopedia Britannica is a "content partner" with Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive.

Speaking of Free Offers . . .

Microsoft's Gaming Zone site {lt}{gt} is offering gamers a taste of the company's latest title, Asheron's Call. Described as "Microsoft's answer to Ultima Online," this online role-playing game will be free to play until the finished product hits the stores (the site avers that programming on it is "thiiis close to being finished"). Note that even with a 56-kbps connection, it will take more than 2 1/2 hours to download the demo.

Story Updates

Living in Realtor Time

Is America Online's newest release a fixer-upper opportunity for Realtors? It seems that AOL's 5.0 release has been unceremoniously giving the boot to the Internet connection settings for an online service for Realtors, MRIS (Multiple Region Information System). In the process, some Realtors have lost all use of this software, the standard reference tool used by licensed Realtors to find out what homes are for sale across the country. This problem appears to happen when AOL's software establishes itself as a computer's default connection, and is a potential problem for any AOL subscribers who don't use AOL as their only "dial-up" service. Last week, MRIS posted a warning to its customers against downloading AOL's latest release, though a spokesman for AOL says this is a problem for only a "super super small group" of MRIS users.

Virus Update Update

Last week's review of Norton SystemWorks 2000 utility suite criticized the six-month time limit on automatic updates of its anti-virus software (as well as to the drivers on your system). You can, however, download updates to its anti-virus database for another six months by going to Symantec's Web site--you'll just have to remember to do that yourself instead of having the program take care of it for you. And after that, though, you'll have to pay up: $29.95 for another year's worth of virus protection.

-- Compiled by Mike Musgrove

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