The Buzz Lightyear Buzz

Prepare to be bombarded with "Toy Story 2" merchandise this season. In an evident effort to make the Pokemon franchise seem tragically underexposed, Disney Interactive is rolling out a shelf-full of tie-ins to the movie: The Action Game is being released simultaneously on the Nintendo, PlayStation and PC platforms, alongside the Toy Story 2 Activity Center and the Toy Story 2 Print Center.

Story Updates; FFWD's ISP Directory

Our directory of Internet providers went online earlier this week and is now ready for your browsing at, complete with corrections and additions to the version that ran in print on Oct. 29. It's set up as a short questionnaire: Where do you live? How much do you want to pay? Do you want high-speed access? Do you want 24-hour tech support?

-- Compiled by Mike Musgrove

Top downloads at Cnet's

1. ICQ

2. Winamp

3. Webshots Desktop

4. WinZip

5. NetSonic

6. Sonique

7. GetRight

8. CuteFTP

9. RealPlayer

10. ICQ Plus

Source: C|Net

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