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DVD-Audio moving from pause to play?

Pioneer Electronics will introduce its DVD-Audio hardware in Japan this year after all. After the copy-protection scheme used in DVD movies was cracked, the company, as well as other prospective manufacturers of this high-end technology, had said it would not release players until a new encryption method could be devised. Now Pioneer will offer an "upgradeable" series of DVD-Audio players, starting at 200,000 yen (just under $2,000) at the end of this month. These devices will also support the competing Super Audio Compact Disc technology.

Bleem blasts back

Bleem, the developer of the Sony PlayStation emulator recently reviewed here, has been fighting a lawsuit from the electronics giant claiming that its software violates PlayStation patents. Last Friday, the small start-up firm filed a countersuit, charging that Sony holds a monopoly in the video-game industry. David Herpolsheimer, Bleem's president and CEO, said that Sony is "10 times worse" than Microsoft: "It's as if Microsoft not only owned Windows but the patent on every single computer you could buy." Sony declined to comment.

-- compiled by Mike Musgrove

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