Tonight it's the Democrats' turn.

After a round of forums among the six Republican presidential candidates, Democrats Al Gore and Bill Bradley will meet for their second debate of the fall -- and the first of two they will hold this weekend.

With the Gore and Bradley running about even in New Hampshire according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll, tonight's debate at Daniel Webster College will help give voters one of their last opportunities to compare the candidates before the holidays shut down the presidential campaign.

Tonight's debate, hosted by ABC's "Nightline," will be held from 7:30-9 p.m. but will air live on television only in New Hampshire. The debate will be televised nationally on Nightline later in the evening.

ABC's Ted Koppel will moderate the debate, which promises to be more freewheeling than that last time Gore and Bradley met at Dartmouth College in October.

On Sunday, the two candidates will meet again on NBC's "Meet The Press," moderated by Tim Russert.

The two debates come after several weeks of engagement between the two candidates, sparked by Gore's aggressive attacks on Bradley's health care plan and other proposals. After attempting to ignore the criticism, Bradley began to fire back two weeks ago.

In advance of tonight's debate, Bradley's campaign released a new study comparing the former New Jersey senator's health care plan with proposals offered by the vice president. The study, which was done by some of Bradley's advisers, claims Bradley's plan would cover 30 million more people while Gore's plan would cover 7 million more than are currently covered.

Gore has attacked the Bradley plan by saying it does not cover substantially more Americans than his own plan, but is far more costly. Gore also has criticized Bradley for refusing to rule out a tax increase to pay for his plan, if that is the only way it could be implemented. Bradley has accused Gore of distorting the truth about the health care plan and Bradley's stance on possible taxes.

This morning, Bradley and his wife Ernestine visited a Nashua, N.H., mall to provide some pictures for the local news tonight, while the vice president did his own version of a photo opportunity in Manchester.

The Post-ABC News poll of likely Democratic voters in New Hampshire showed Bradley at 48 percent, Gore at 45 percent.