It was today's talk of the office: How long were you stuck in it? How long did it take you to get home? Could you believe it?

Yesterday's traffic disaster -- sparked by less than half an inch of snow -- had thousands or motorists recounting their horror stories today, and dozens of traffic managers wondering what had gone wrong.

Meanwhile, rush hour this morning went along relatively smoothly in the Washington area, and the evening run home was not expected to be affected by weather. With the barometer falling, though, tomorrow morning remained a puzzle.

More snow was predicted to start after midnight, and continue for much of Thursday. There could be a devilish inch by the morning rush, and as much as four inches by late afternoon, the National Weather Service said.

Problems like Tuesday's, though, were not anticipated.

Plenty of the salt that was finally laid down Tuesday night is still on the roads, and will help combat the earliest snow, says Bill Corder, director of Montgomery County's Traffic Management Center, in Rockville.

Road crews will also have the quiet early morning hours before 6 a.m. to attack whatever accumulates before rush hour.

And, after Tuesday, everyone will be ready for the worst.