ANOTHER KIND OF WEBTV, the official Web site for the show, is now offering free Internet access, joining such equally unlikely TV operations as NewsChannel 8 and WJLA-TV in the freebie-Internet game. Powered by (which also runs AltaVista's free Internet service and those of the two TV stations), the service is ad-subsidized: To stay online, users will have to "interact with" its ad/navigation banner.


Excite At Home Gets a Reprieve

Cable-modem service provider Excite at Home got a reprieve from anti-spam activists this week when Usenet system administrators called off a "Usenet Death Penalty" against the company, which would have effectively kept its subscribers from posting to Usenet newsgroups. David Ritz, the Usenet user who originally requested that Excite At Home be considered for a "UDP," estimates that bulk commercial newsgroup postings originating from the company's servers have fallen off 90 percent in the last few days.

-- compiled by Mike Musgrove

Top entertainment sites for the week ending 1/15:

1. Free Lotto

2. Uproar


4. Entertainment

5. SpeedyClick






Source: PC Data

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