You know yuppies are taking over the world when the big story on Wall Street is disposable diapers.

Shares of Kimberly-Clark Corp., which makes not only Kleenex but also Huggies, the number one throw-away baby wrapper, fell $1.15 after the company warned that is profits are hurting because it is losing a diaper war with Procter & Gamble, manufacturer of Pampers and Luvs.{lt}/P{gt}{lt}P{gt}

Procter & Gamble shares slipped 19 cents, helping hold back the Dow Jones industrial average. Although the Dow closed up almost 15 points at 8,589.14, P&G was among the 16 of the 30 Dow stocks that were down for the day.

The Standard & Poor's 500 stock index lost half a point, closing at 904.96 and the Nasdaq Stock Market composite index was off 6 points to 1,396.59.

Today was the second time in seven weeks that Kimberly-Clark has had to pull down investors' expectations because of troubles in the $3 billion a year diaper business.

Kimberly-Clark made a major marketing blunder in October when it raised the price of Huggies and, at the same time, cut the number of diapers in the package.

P&G saw this as an opportunity to take business away from Huggies, which outsells Pampers and Luvs combined.

Instead of raising its own prices, Procter & Gamble started passing out $5 off coupons on Pampers and pulled to within 3 percentage points of Kimberly-Clark in total market shares.

Baby talk ordinarily wouldn't draw much attention on Wall Street, but today, that was about all traders had to talk about. There was some speculation that tomorrow's weekly update on applications for unemployment benefits will show a resurgence after three weeks of improvement and more of the same concerns about soft Christmas sales, but not much else to blame for a boring day.