The last gasps of a downgraded Hurricane Jeanne will be felt in the Washington region tonight and Tuesday in the form of rain and light wind.

But forecasters are not calling for the sort of tumult -- torrential rains and tornadoes -- that accompanied Ivan's visit two weeks ago.

There is a 40 percent chance that it will rain on the Redskins-Cowboys game tonight, according to the National Weather Service, which said the rain, if it comes, would start about 4 p.m. today.

The chance of rain will escalate to 80 percent in the wee hours of Tuesday.

Jeanne, after clobbering Florida Sunday as a hurricane, moved into Georgia this morning as a tropical storm, carrying maximum sustained winds of about 45 mph.

The Associated Press reported that about 20,000 customers were without power in Georgia, with about 50 homes evacuated in the southeast part of the state.

Jeanne's track will be north-northeast during the next 24 hours, but it will be reduced to a tropical depression as it marches through Georgia, South and North Carolina and the southeast corner of Virginia before moving out to sea.

A tropical storm carries maximum sustained winds of 73 mph, versus 38 mph for a tropical depression.

The winds in the Washington area will be in the range of 8 to 14 mph during the next 24 hours, according to the forecast.