The daily wave of killings in Iraq that has claimed more than 800 lives in six weeks took at least 36 more Thursday with explosions and shootings in four different cities.

The attackers deployed explosive laden cars, bombs tied to motorcycles and small arms fired from speeding cars.

Also Thursday, the U.S. military announced the deaths of three servicemen.

One, a soldier from the Army's 2nd Brigade Combat Team, died from small arms fire received in combat operations conducted by the Marines near Ramadi.

Another soldier from the same Army unit in the same area was killed in a roadside bomb explosion near the vehicle in which he was traveling.

A third died of non-battle-related injuries.

The military provided no additional details in press statements released Thursday.

The attacks on Iraqis occurred in the town of Tuz Khormato, 50 miles south of the northern city of Kirkuk; in Kirkuk itself; in Mosul and in Baghdad.

Col. Abbas Mohammed Amin, police chief of Tuz Khormato said that a suicide car bomber attacked police vehicles Thursday morning, killing 12 and wounding 23. Among the dead was a bodyguard for Iraq's deputy prime minister.

Earlier in Kirkuk, a suicide car bomber attacked a convoy of Toyota SUV's carrying civilian contractors, killing four Iraqis, according to wire service reports.

Another suicide bomber killed four and wounded four in Baqubah, about 35 miles northeast of Baghdad. The Associated Press reported that the attack was aimed at a provincial council member and bodyguards.

In Mosul, wire services reported, two parked motorcycles rigged with explosives detonated near a coffee shop frequented by police officers, killing five and wounding 13.

Meanwhile, gunmen opened fire from three speeding cars in Baghdad and killed 9 in a crowded market, the AP reported, quoting the Iraqi Defense Ministry.

Finer reported from Baghdad. Fred Barbash reported from Washington.