Pentagon officials conducted a "full-scale, real-world" three-hour exercise simulating terrorist attacks on the Pentagon and buildings in Crystal City today in an effort to evaluate emergency preparedness plans.

The exercise, called "Gallant Fox III," ran from 10 a.m. to just after 1 p.m. today and included three mock explosions, or so-called flash-bangs -- one at the Pentagon, one at the Navy Annex and one at the Jefferson Plaza I building in Crystal City.

A large number of fire trucks, police cars and rescue units responded to the simulated attacks and "victims" dressed in military fatigues were treated on the scene and then taken to the Virginia Hospital Center in Arlington, according to a spokesman for the Pentagon.

"It went well," said Brett Eaton, the Pentagon spokesman. "As far as I'm aware, there was no panic, no 911 calls, no emergency calls about the exercise." The Pentagon had warned the public not to panic about the simulated terror attacks, which included the evacuation of pre-selected individuals from the Pentagon and a building in Crystal City.

Arlington County police spokesman Matt Martin said police hadn't received a "single call" from the public about the exercise. He said no traffic problems resulted either. "Nobody panicked," said Martin.

The Pentagon said the purpose of the event was to "enable the Pentagon Force Protection Agency and its federal, state and local response partners to exercise emergency units in a duty-day, real world scenario and evaluate existing plans and interagency coordination in response to multiple threats."