Thanksgiving Games

Falcons at Lions

The reeling Falcons simply have to have this one.

Pick: Falcons

Broncos at Cowboys

Denver in a squeaker in a matchup of solid teams.

Pick: Broncos

Local Teams

Chargers at Redskins

The season is slipping away for the Redskins. The Chargers are better, and they need a win in the unforgiving AFC playoff chase.

Pick: Chargers

Ravens at Bengals

The Bengals showed last weekend, even in losing to the Colts, that they can play with anyone.

Pick: Bengals

Lock of the Week

Jaguars at Cardinals

It's a week without a true lock, but the Jags are a decidedly better team.

Pick: Jaguars

Upset of the Week

Packers at Eagles

The Packers aren't very good at all. But the Eagles have nothing left, physically or emotionally.

Pick: Packers

Games of the Week

Bears at Buccaneers

The Bears are for real, yes. But so are the Bucs.

Pick: Buccaneers

Giants at Seahawks

This could be the game that determines home-field advantage through the NFC playoffs.

Pick: Seahawks

Steelers at Colts (Monday night)

The Steelers have a shot to hang a loss on the Colts. But their chances are diminished because there's no way of knowing how effective Ben Roethlisberger will be in his return from knee surgery.

Pick: Colts

Other Games

Patriots at Chiefs

Another close one, but the champs are starting to play better.

Pick: Patriots

Panthers at Bills

Carolina needs to reestablish itself after last weekend's dismal showing against the Bears.

Pick: Panthers

Dolphins at Raiders

The Dolphins are fading, and the Raiders are coming off a nice win over the Redskins.

Pick: Raiders

Rams at Texans

The Texans are dismal. But they're at home, and the Rams aren't much better without injured QB Marc Bulger.

Pick: Texans

49ers at Titans

The bad teams are all playing each other this weekend, aren't they?

Pick: Titans

Browns at Vikings

The Vikes aren't generating any offense, but they're finding ways to win lately.

Pick: Vikings

Saints at Jets (Sunday night)

Please, please find something else to do with your Sunday night.

Pick: Jets


Last Week: 8-8

Season: 104-56