A woman who reportedly was standing at the edge of a Metro platform was struck by a train and injured this morning, causing delays on the Orange and Blue lines that officials said would likely last through the morning rush.

Details of the incident shortly after 7 a.m. inside the Rosslyn station remained sketchy. Metrorail spokeswoman Lisa Farbstein said the woman apparently was "feeling faint and leaned forward into the path of" the Franconia-bound Blue Line train as it pulled into the station.

Initial reports that the woman was using a cell phone and was distracted proved false, Farbstein said. Nevertheless, Farbstein encouraged people "who are near the platform edge to pay close attention to the trains."

The woman, whose name was not released, apparently suffered a laceration to her right eye, Farbstein said. She was taken to George Washington University Hospital in the District for treatment.

After the collision, trains were held in both directions, Farbstein said, while medical help was summoned and investigators began to examine the area.

By the time service resumed, there was a considerable backup, leading to delays in service, Farbstein said.

Delays were also reported on the Red Line this morning because of an equipment problem near the Farragut North station. Those problems were soon resolved.

The Metrorail system has struggled in the last two weeks with a series of delays and difficulties due to several fires on the tracks and a glitch in summoning a bomb squad to one station to inspect some abandoned luggage that appeared suspicious.