Washington International World of Plants will be at the Capital Centre March 9-13, noon to 10 p.m. daily, and noon to 8 p.m. Sunday.

Its aim is to provide a show of much broader scope than the old flower show, said Thomas J. Staffor.

Cost of admission is $3.50 for adults, $1.75 for children 6 to 12, and children under 6 free.

The show will feature a 40-foot volcano made of volcanic rock with orchids and other tropical plants on the slopes, Stafford said. Also included will be a 50-foot series of tiered tropical lagoons with blooming waterlilies, fountains and exotic goldfish, a presentation of The Springs Fisheries, and a high waterfall around which the U.S. Botanic Gardens will display their fern and orchid collections and handing baskets.

The National Arboretum will have and exhibit showing the Arboretum's past, present and future. The National Park Service will display their three season planting cycle. The University of Maryland Extension Service will have a plant clinic; Washington Technical Institute (District of Columbia) Extension Service will feature indoor vegetable gardening; and Virginia Polytechnic Institute Extension Service will feature outdoor vegetable gardening.

All three Extension Services will offer free soil tests.

Maryland Department of Forestry and Maryland Department of Agriculture will display lawn care. Prine George's County Office of Beautification will have a display and the Potomac Bonsai Association will give demonstrations. Floral Transworld Delivery will have a design school with lectures on cut and dried flower arrangements.

National Capital Area Foundation of Garden Clubs will have cut flower displays and exhibits including do-it-yourself landscaping; drying, processing and using plant material; Ikebana International; herbs; African violets; and indoor light gardening.

"We are requiring all exhibitors to create a landscraped display rather than merely have racks of merchandise (for sale) and the response has been exceptional," Stafford said.

"Greenhouse manufacturers will exhibit window models, solar-heated free-standing varieties and hydroponic models. We will have a dozen doubleblooming Japanese cherry trees in the portals and more than a hundred large tropical plants and trees elsewhere to give the hall a lush, topical look.

"Exhibitors will have fruit trees available for planting, tropical plants, cactus, bromeliads mounted for wall hanging, potted herbs and lilies ready for Easter blooming. And much, much more."