UNWARY READERS might pick up Sexual Profiles of Men in Power expecting a kind of Hite Report from the Hill. Publicity for the book, to be published April 26, tells us that "In over 700 hours of interviews Drs. Bess and Janus [the authors] discovered that men in politics are much more sexually active than the average man and this activity continues undiminished to an advanced age." According to Profiles a high percentage of politicians are sado-masochistic -- going in for bondage, humiliation and pain -- which sounds like sensational (if salacious) stuff indeed. But before you start looking for whips and boots at every caucus, it should be noted that very few politicians were interviewed for this book, and most of the information compiled came from call girls.

Some of the "men in power" turn out to be "a guy from the sheriff's office in Los Angeles," or "a West Coast legislator" who likes to tour the town in drag. The authors say they kept files on 1500 political figures, but most of the information they reveal about major names seems to come from clippings.

As for exaggeration, well, each call girl interviewed supposedly received "an average" of 2,304 visits per year. "Of these, 1,382 were political clients; the number of visits paid per year by politicians to our entire group of 80 women therefore totaled 110,560, or 773,920 for the entire seven-year period of our study."

Or thereabouts.