The most misleading paperback title of the year so far (a hotly contested category, you may be sure) is Make It with Mademoiselle (Harmony, $5.95). Supermale types who order it by mail or pick it up without looking at the smaller print on the cover may be shocked to find that it contains instructions on how to make a skirt out of a pillowslip, interesting ways to decorate a T-shirt, tips on transforming a sheet into a kimono and 244 similar suggestions. Sorry, fellas.

On the other hand, Hard Corps: Studies in Leather and Sadomasochism, text by Michael Grumley; photos by Ed Gallucci (Dutton, $6.95) delivers exactly what the cover promises. The 13 brief essays are failry straight reportage on what seems to be a growing (or at least increasingly open) phenomenon, but the photos - heavy on leather (including whips and straps as well as items of clothing) but also inculding chains, handcuffs and other items of (you should pardon the expression) restraint - are quite unbelievable. And we used to think Dutton was such a nice house.

Those whose tastes are more conventional may be interested in Bride's Wedding Planner, edited by the editors of Bride's magazine (Popular Library, $5.95). Not only is it full of tips on how to pick the music for That Big Day, the propoer etiquette for bridesmaids, what linen and kitchen utensils you will need to get started; there are pages and pages of checklists, and even some diagrams.