Anno's Counting Book, by Mitsumasa Anno (Crowell, $5.95). This illustrator, whose previous book Anno's Alphabet won almost as many awards as there are letters in the alphabet, is back with numbers - one to twelve. Each number is givena double-page spread with the basic unit expressed in figures and in blocks. The illustrations develop from an almost empty page to a busy village full of objects in every possible combination of the number under consideration. The village has an oddly European look, placed somewhere in the Swiss mountains, but children catching nine dragonflies on the nine page introduce a charming Japanese detail. This is a book for parents and children together, to play number games, to score, to count and to enjoy. (Ages 4-7)

Burnie's Hill: A Traditional Rhyme, illustrated by Erik Blegvad (Atheneum, $6.95). "What's in there? /Gold and money./ Where's my share? /The mousie's run away with it." A cumulative rhyme in the best rhythmic style with questions and answers to chant or act out. The anonymour words come from a very ancient oral tradition that seems, despite us all, to have retained its vitality. The water-color readers through the four seasons. A book that will wear well. (Ages 4-8)