Two roses, Charisma, a red and yellow floribunda, and Color Magic, a pink blend hybrid tea, are All-America Rose Selections award winners for 1978. Both will be available for purchase this fall.

The blooms of Charisma are a blend of intense scarlet red and bright golden yellow. As the blooms mature, the scarlet deepens. The color does not fade but holds its intensity until the petals fall.

The buds of Charisma are nicely shaped, there are several to a cluster, and the plant is covered with clusters most of the growing season.

Charisma is about as disease resistant as most other roses, according to the judges. Actually there are no disease-free garden roses, they say, nor are there likely to be any.

The floribunda was originated by Robert G. Jelly, rose hybridizer from Richmond, Ind., and it is his first All-America award winner.

Color Magic was hybridized by William Warriner, Jackson and Perkins director of plant research. It was his fourth All-America Selection winner.

Apricot pink buds open to six-to-seven-inch blooms, ivory pink in the center and deep rose-red on the outer petals. In the fall the flowers turn completely bright cherry-red at maturity.

The plant is vigorous and produces large quantities of large blooms usually on single 18-to 20-inch sturdy stems, fine for cutting.The plant grows tall. The foliage is bright green.

The flowers have a light, sweet fragrance and last a long time.

The 1977 All-America roses were First Edition, a floribunda with luminous coral flowers; Double Delight, a hybrid tea with creamy white flowers, with red coloring; and Prominent, an orange grandiflora.