TWENTY-SIX OUT of 36 graduates of Pat Hass' fall and winter "writing for publication" workshops (held at Mt. Vernon College and National Cathedral School) have already sold their works. The score to date: seven book contracts (ranging from a CIA novel to a travel guide); six contracts for short stories; one weekly column sold to newspapers; one article placed in a magazine and 11 others published in the daily press.

For the 10 hold-outs, Pat Hass has undimmed hopes. "If they stick at it, they will be published," she says. She trains her students to organize their ideas and steers them to publishing markets - once their work is in perfect shape."Write, rewrite and rewrite again," is her creed. (Three of her own books for juniors have been published - two by Dodd, Mead; one by Holt, Rinehart and Winston.)

The Hass Method leans on some lecturing and a lot of help from the class.She reads a writer's work aloud and the class discusses it in a "frank but friendly" way. "Group appraisal can accomplish miracles in most cases," she says. (But not all. An 86-year-old ex-newspaper-woman was advised by her colleagues to put more sex in her historical novel. She refused - a nd it still has not been sold.)