ANN HOOPES HAS SAID goodbye to her glasses, a bad back, a creaky hip, and a game knee - and she and her husband, Townsend (author of two volumes and president of the Association of American Publishers), are writing a book about the therapy which she says led to her cure. It is eye training - based on the theory that vision, posture and diet are interrelated.

"I'd worn glasses for nearsightedness and an astigmatism since I was 10," she says. "Then three years ago I went to an optometrist - one of the few who practice this special therapy - who said that with proper exercises I could do without glasses. In two years (it takes most people only six to 12 months) I'd worked down through nine pairs to none. I am still nearsighted, and still have an astigmatism, but I'm rid of the discomfort caused by my eyes not working well together, and the imbalance which caused my bad back, hip and leg." The exercises combine walking, jogging and the use of lenses.

The book - to be published by Knopf next spring - will be based on interviews with five or six of the optometrists who practice the therapy - and their patients. Ann does the interviews. Townsend the writing; that is, "he holds the pencil while I circle the room making loud suggestions," she says.