Ainslie's Complete Hoyle, by Tom Ainslie (Fireside, $6.95). The games people play-and how they should be played.

You Are Not Alone, by Clara Claiborne Park with Leon N. Shapiro, M.D. (Atlantic/Little, Brown, $6.95). An extremely detailed guide to dealing with mental illness, in all its ramifications-personal, familial, legal, medical.

The Arts in Prehistoric Greece, by Sinclair Hood; Etruscan Art, by Otto J. Brendel; Painting in Britain 1530 to 1790, by Ellis Waterhouse (Penguin, $12.95; $15; $14.95). Authoritative brief introductions, replete with apt illustrations, to these less well-known periods of art history.

The Unfinished Quest of Richard Wright, by Michel Fabre (Morrow Quill, $7.95). A biography, interspersed with commentary on his work, of the black writer best known for Native Son, Black Boy, and the famous allegorical novella, "The Man Who Lived Underground."

The Forests of the Sea: Life and Death on the Continental Shelf, by John L. Culliney (Anchor/Doubleday, $5.95). A study of the vast reaches of a varied landscape off the North American continent, rich with life and natural resources but more than alien to man in many ways than outer space.

Phaidon Encyclopedia of Impressionism, by Maurice Serullaz; Phaidon Encyclopedia of Expressionism, by Lionel Richard; Phaidon Encyclopedia of Surrealism, by Rene Passeron (Phaidon, $8.95 each). Three surveys-each arranged alphabetically by artist and containing numerous illustrations-of these important schools of modern painting.

Death of a Rebel, by Marc Eliot (Anchor, $4.95). A biography of Phil Ochs, the classic protest singer of the '60s ("I Ain't Marching Anymore"), and what became of him in the '70s when he lost his voice, wife and faith in the prospects for political change.

And I Worked at the Writer's Trade: Chapters of Literary History, 1918-1978, by Malcolm Cowley (Penguin, $3.95) The distinguished editor/critic/author looks back-subjectively and objectively-at his involvement with 20th-century Americian literature.

Let's Go: Britain and Ireland; Let's Go: Italy; Let's Go: France; by Harvard Student Agencies (Dutton/Sunrise, $4.95; $3.95; $3.95). Guides to these European countries, newly updated.

The Headmaster: Frank L. Boyden, of Deerfield, by John McPhee (Farrar Straus Giroux, $4.95). The author of Coming Into the Country's second book, originally published in 1966, is a portrait of the man who was Deerfield Academy's guiding force for 66 years.