Name the author of the following lines, the poem from which the lines were excerpted, and the collection in which the poem appears: Matilda told such Dreadful Lies, It made one Gasp and Stretch one's Eyes; Her Aunt, who, from her Earliest Youth, Had kept a Strict Regard for Truth, Attempted to Believe Matilda: The effort very nearly killed her . . .

All entries (one per person) must be clearly written on postcards and mailed to: The Book Bag, The Washington Post, Washington, D.C. 20071, and must include complete return address and competition number.

The winning entry will be the first correct answer drawn at random.

Employes of The Washington Post Company and their families are not eligible to enter.

Entries must be received no later than November 26. The winner's name and city of residence will be announced in the December 2 Book World.

A Washington Post Book World book bag will be sent each week to the winner. Book Bag XI: An aged man is but a paltry thing, A tattered coat upon a stick, unless Soul clap its hands and sing . . . is from the poem "Sailing to Byzantium," by William Butler Yeats.

The winner: Anne Mandelbaum of Cambridge, Mass.