This month "Rediscoveries" completes a year in Book World. Here is a list of the 12 books we've covered, and an updated report on their availability:

The Semi-Attached Couple, by Emily Eden (1860). What the Jane Austen lover turns to when he or she runs out of Jane. Long out of print in America, it is being republished next month by Dial as a $7.95 paperback. The volume will include Eden's other and almost-as- good novel, The Semi-Detached House.

The Journal of a Disappointed Man, by W.N.P. Barbellion (1919). The deeply life-affirming diary of a young Victorian scientist, doomed to die young and determined to crowd a full life into 30 years. Currently available only as a library reprint. Gordon Press, $75.

Indian Summer, by William Dean Howells (1886). An American love-triangle in Italy, a hundred years ago. Sparkling comedy. Indiana University Press, $12.50.

Period Piece, by Gwen Raverat (1953). One of Charles Darwin's granddaughters recreates life among the Darwins in the late 19th century. Norton paperback, $3.95.

Democracy, by Henry Adams (1880). Probably the best and certainly the wittiest political novel ever written in America. Adams' Washington of 1878 is both amazingly different from and amazingly similar to real Washington now. Airmont paperback, $1.50; Scholarly Press hardcover, $36.

The Maker of Heavenly Trousers, by Daniele VarMe (1935). Romance in the high style, set in Peking around 1900. What Harlequins should be, and are not. Out of print.

Watch the North Wind Rise, by Robert Graves (1949). A wonderfully appealing glimpse of a future in which magic rather than technology forms the infrastructure of society. To be reprinted in May by Farrar, Straus and Giroux as an $8.95 paperback.

The Diary of George Templeton Strong, edited by Allan Nevins and Milton Thomas (4 vols., 1952). Urban life as a keen- eyed and sharp-tongued observer witnessed it in New York between 1835 and 1875. Octagon, $90.

On Love, by Stendhal (1822). Acute reflections on the most interesting of all psychological states. Penguin paperback, $3.50. (This translation is titled simply Love.)

"The Exequy,"by Henry King (1624). A great poem by a man who wrote only one great poem. It can be found in The Oxford Book of English Verse or in The Poems of Bishop Henry King, John Sparrow, ed., Folcroft, $25.

Wild Animals I Have Known, by Ernest Thompson Seton (1898). Eight mostly true stories by the best of Canadian naturalists. New Canadian Library paperback (McLelland and Stewart, Toronto), $4.95; Norwood Editions, hardcover, $30.

Charles Williams, All Hallows Eve, by Charles Williams (1944). Farrar, Straus and Giroux, paperback, $5.95; Eerdmans, paperback, $5.95.

Editor's Note: In 1982, Noel Perrin will write "Rediscoveries," every other month. Alternating with him will be distinguished writers invited by Book World to share their own rediscoveries.