EVERYONE WHO'S ANYONE in Washington may or may not want to find themselves in a new Who's Who in Washington which is scheduled to come out in November, published by an organization called Capital Programs Group of Bethesda. They promise 15,000 entries and approximately 800 pages, but exclusivity is not guaranteed. Or, at least, says company president, James P. Ince, "It will be the most comprehensive of a half-dozen Washington area directories, with the single exception of the phone books." . . . Tourists and locals alike can be grateful that there have been a spate of new Washington guidebooks. Oddly, however, two of them both have connections to bookstores--other than the obvious one. Washington DC: The Complete Guide by Judy Duffield, Bill Kramer and Cynthia Sheppard (Random House), you may already have guessed, numbers among its triumvirate of authors the owner of the Kramerbooks chain and his wife. Marilyn J. Appleberg's I Love Washington Guide (Collier/Macmillan), on the other hand, has a more subtle relationship to a local book outlet. The book's acknowledgments include a thanks to Bob Haft, Crown Books czar, for "resources and hospitality." Unfortunately, such guides, no matter how well-researched, quickly become outdated, often before pub date. For example, I Love Washington, a self-styled "ultimate source for Washingtonians and visitors" lists one " 'in' watering hole" that's now definitely out: in fact, it's closed for good.