CONSIDER SOME of the famous female detectives of fiction: Miss Marple, Nancy Drew, Hildegarde Withers, Cordelia Gray, Virginia Woolf. Virginia Woolf? Coming in March from St. Martin's/Marek is The Shadow of the Moth, in which novelists Ellen Hawkes and Peter Manso turn the former Miss Stephen into a Bloomsbury gumshoe. The case which she investigates involves the death of a woman by drowning --an apparent suicide--which, you'll remember, were the circumstances of Virginia Woolf's own death, 24 years after this make-believe adventure takes place. But the author of To the Lighthouse wasn't murdered--or maybe that's another book . . . Bantam's popular Choose Your Own Adventure series for young readers is no doubt the inspiration for NAL/Signet's new multiple-choice volumes called Lifegames. The first two, Woman Up the Corporate Ladder by Angela Harper and Man on the Fast Track by Michael Thompson, will be in bookstores soon. "Choose," the cover of the former says, "from 64 possible futures as the heroine of your own plot-it-yourself corporate adventure." For example, "if you decide to stay on at the Department of Commerce and hope that the coveted spot of undersecretary will soon become yours, turn to page 155." After all, you can't get to be a CEO playing Dungeons and Dragons. . . . Religion and romance, not exactly a combination like ham and eggs. Still, Zondervan, a large religious publishing house, having considered the matter, has announced a line of religious romances, to be published beginning late this summer, and they're now soliciting material. Should Harlequin or Silhouette worry? Keep an eye out for Born Again to Love.