GEORGE MICHAEL'S COMPLETE HAIR CARE FOR MEN. By George Michael and Rae Lindsay. Doubleday. 174 pp. $14.95.

"MR. MICHAEL--my hair is falling out!" For this and other frantic cries, George Michael (n,e George Selizki) explains it all for you, recommending, for complete hair care, massage, yoga, conditioners, raw eggs (to be eaten, not placed on head) and salad--a recipe, his wife's favorite, is included. While chapters on shampooing, hair maintenance, and hair loss are sound, Michael's taste in styling might strike some as studied and arch. (Also, few hair products are recommended by brand except his own.) But his advice on beards and mustaches is welcome, as are his thorough discussions--after registering some disapproval--on how to touch up those gray patches or turn that mousey brown into golden streaks. Implicit here: while some people eventually get the face they deserve, others get the hair. STYLEWISE: A Man's Guide to Looking Good for Less. By Leonard McGill. Putnam. 208 pp. $15.95.

CLOTHES--HOW TO shop, pay less and build a wardrobe--are the subject of this savvy guide to looking good from the outside in. Leonard McGill, a former columnist for Gentleman's Quarterly, writes that men, while shopping, are "sized up faster than a bikini on the beach." He presents several strategies to beef up confidence in shopping in discount stores (outlets across the country are listed) and thrift shops as well as build up expertise in dealing with department store sales, tailoring, mail orders and estate sales. McGill recommends such "guerrilla tactics" as shopping the night before an announced sale as workers are pricing goods (when one is often allowed to buy on the spot, before the rush). Included are suggestions on clothes tax deductions, routine grooming tips, recipes for homemade colognes, and even lessons on laundering and ironing. The accompanying photos and drawings nicely illustrate the earthy, informative text. THE COMPETITIVE GUIDE TO GROOMING PRODUCTS FOR MEN: A Vital Handbook for Every Man Who Wants to Look His Best. By Jonathan Zizmor, M.D., and Sharon Sabin. Seaview/Putnam. 205 pp. $16.95.

NAMES ARE NAMED here--hundreds of them. Jonathan Zizmor, a dermatologist and author of several books on skin care, offers hard-nosed, medically sound advice on products in the current market. His method is to compare and contrast, examining how products work, studying ingredients, and pointing out bargains. The results, printed in Consumer Reports-type charts, are an unsurprising, practical list of best buys: toothpaste (Colgate), shampoo (Clairol Herbal Essence), shaving cream (Noxema), blades (Gillette TRAC II), soap (Ivory), antiperspirant (Mitchum), etc. More helpful, as men branch out into uncharted territory, are frank discussions of eye make-up, facial masks, bronzers, and plastic surgery. "Liberate yourself," the doctor advises--an admonition which includes the use of inexpensive products designed for women, such as super-hold hair sprays and Oil of Olay (if you don't mind smelling like your mother). Like a coach at half-time, Zizmor includes at the end of each chapter a summation of his most important points--a peptalk, to paraphrase Charles Revson, which sells hope, not grooming products.