Swallows and Amazons (1930). John, Susan, Titty and Roger Walker set off in the sailing dinghy Swallow to camp on Wild Cat Island in the Lake District. They meet and make war on Nancy and Peggy Blackett, young pirates sailing the Amazon. Captain Flint (actually the Amazons' uncle) becomes a friend. (Available in February from Godine as a $7.95 paperback).

Swallowdale (1931). The next summer the camp on the island again, but John wrecks Swallow, the camp is moved and many adventures take place in the valley of Swallowdale. (Available in February from Godine as a $7.95 paperback).

Peter Duck (1933). A Caribbean adventure with an ancient mariner named Peter Duck.

Winter Holiday (1933) New friends are made when the D's, Dick and Dorothea, meet the Swallows and Amazons back in the Lake district.

Coot Club (1934). Set on the Norfolk Broads, the D's foil the attempts of "Hullabaloos" -- vulgar tourists -- to catch Tom, the boy who casts off their boat to protect a coot's nest.

Pigeon Post (1936) The S&A's go prospecting for gold and communicate via carrier pigeons.

We Didn't Mean To Go To Sea (1937). The Swallows drift out to sea -- and end up in Holland.

Secret Water 1939). Marooned on an island by their father (to map the unknown), the Swallows meet a tribe of savage Eels and find the Amazons again.

The Big Six (1940). A mystery involving boats cast loose and stolen.

Missie Lee (1941). A ship fire off China gets the S&As involved in an exotic adventure and escape by junk.

The Picts and the Martyrs (1943). "Captain" Nancy Blackett is at war once again with her repressive Great-Aunt Maria.

Great Northern (1947). A rare nesting bird is threatened by a ruthless egg collector. Swallow, Amazons and Captain Flint to the rescue.