The following books are scheduled to be reviewed this week in Style:

KABUL, by M.E. Hirsh. This historical novel follows the fortunes of an aristocratic Afghan family in the years 1973-1979, the period which embraces the fall of the monarchy, the establishment of a republic and the Soviet invasion. Reviewed by Marjorie Williams.

WHO IS THE RIVER: Gettling Lost and Found in the Amazon and Other Places, by Paul Zalis. Two young Americans search for a lost city on a tributary of Brazil's great river. Reviewed by Dennis Drabelle.

HOME FRONT, by Patti Davis with Maureen Strange Foster. This autobiographical novel by the daughter of President and Mrs. Reagan focuses on a young woman growing up in the public eye. Reviewed by Jonathan Yardley.

DONOR: How One Girl's Death Gave Life to Others, b John Pekkanen. The story of how 17-year-old Lisa Kelly's death in an automobile accident became a life-giving event for others. Reviewed by Dr. William A. Nolen.

FAMOUS IN AMERICA, by Peter N. Carroll. The lives of four "celebrities" -- Jane Fonda, George Wallace, Phyllis Schlafly and John Glenn -- and what success has meant in their lives. Reviewed by Stephanie Mansfield.