SOUTHERN FOOD: At Home, on the Road, in History , by John Egerton. Yum. (Book World, July 5)

GLOWSTONE , by MacDonald Harris. A historical romance, about radium, France, and the fin de sie`cle, by a masterly novelist, author of The Balloonist and Herma. (Book World, July 5)

BEN-GURION: The Burning Ground, 1886-1948 , by Shabtai Teveth. A major biography of the first prime minister of Israel. (Book World, July 5)

THE EMBARRASSMENT OF RICHES: An Interpretation of Dutch Culture in the Golden Age , by Simon Schama. A monumental history of Holland during the 17th century, the time of Rembrandt, tulip mania, and empire building. (Book World, June 28)

WILBUR AND ORVILLE: A Biography of the Wright Brothers , by Fred Howard. A definitive account of what the Wrights wrought. (Book World, June 28)

ONCE MORE AROUND THE BLOCK: Familiar Essays , by Joseph Epstein. Good talk about used bookstores, sports, proper English, and much else. (Book World, June 28)

SPIRITS and Other Stories , by Richard Bausch. The crises of ordinary life, beautifully set down. (Book World, June 28)

SARTRE: A Biography , by Ronald Hayman. A life of the novelist, playwright, philosopher, critic, magazine editor, activist -- the very model of a modern intellectual. (Book World, June 21)

ROUGH CIDER , by Peter Lovesey. In this mystery, a boy's testimony sends an American soldier to the gallows; 20 years later, filled with doubt about the past's events, he starts his own investigation. (Book World, June 21)

IN SEARCH OF MELANCHOLY BABY , by Vassily Aksyonov. A Russian novelist -- now resident in Washington -- recalls the confusions and consolations of his first years in America. (Book World, June 14)

ALVAREZ: Adventures of a Physicist , by Luis W. Alvarez. The life story of a multi-talented scientist who helped develop both the atomic bomb and a new theory of why dinosaurs disappeared. (Book World, June 7)