This poet, novelist, and essayist is known in his homeland for his lyrics and songs on nature, love and childhood. In the West he is generally regarded as a poet of religion and mysticism. Ezra Pound was greatly impressed with this author's early poetry and said that it described a "new Greece." William Butler Yeats was another admirer of this author's work. In his later years he displayed an extraordinary talent as a symbolist painter. He was knighted but resigned this honor in protest of the British crown's policies in his country. He is the only author in his country to be awarded the Nobel Prize for literature. Name this author.

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Answer to Book Bag #436: The Green Pastures, The Red Lily, The White Devil, The Blue Voyage, The Great God Brown, The White Rose of Memphis, The Red Cavalry, Black Mischief, The Blue Hotel, Green Mansions, Black April. Winner: Amy E. Phifer, Surf City, NJ.