The plot of this novel sounds like a perverse synthesis of "The Swiss Family Robinson" and "Lord of the Flies." When their Jamaican home is leveled by a severe tropical storm, a family's children is sent by ship to England. On the way, a friendly band of pirates accidentally captures the vessel. Freed of parental authority and societal constraints, the children run amok. Irrational and amoral, they destroy the amiable pirates and ruin their ship. One little girl even commits murder. Name the author and give the British or American title of this tale of juvenile mayhem on the open sea.

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Answer to Book Bag #438: The Struldbruggs are the unfortunate immortals Lemuel Gulliver encounters during a visit to Luggnagg in Jonathan Swift's "Gulliver's Travels." Winner: Maren Richter, Washington, D.C.