THE NANTUCKET DIARIES OF NED ROREM, 1973-1985 . The life of an American composer -- with reflections on people, places and the passage of time. (Book World, October 25)

THE URTH OF THE NEW SUN , by Gene Wolfe. A sequel, or coda, to the most acclaimed -- and complex -- science fantasy novel of the past decade.(Book World, October 25)

VISIONS AND VOICES , by Jonathan Cott. Interviews with George Balanchine, Oliver Sacks, Bob Dylan and other artists and scientists. (Book World, October 25)

SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL , by Kent Anderson. During the Vietnam War a three-member special forces team learns to love battle. A lot. (Book World, October 18)

A FATAL INVERSION , by Barbara Vine. A psychological suspense novel, about an old crime uncovered. The author, no secret, is really the redoubtable Ruth Rendell. (Book World, October 18)

SETTING LIMITS: Medical Goals in an Aging Society , by Daniel Callahan. This provocative study urges a more rational health-care system for the elderly and discusses the role of the aged as society's "moral conservators." (Book World, October 11)

DOLLARS AND DREAMS: The Changing American Income Distribution , by Frank Levy. Notable for its keen economic analysis, this book looks at the vexed question of whether the middle-class is dwindling and the poor are getting more numerous. (Book World, October 11)

IMAGINING ARGENTINA , by Lawrence Thornton. Drawing on the techniques of magic realism, this novel focuses on a man whose visions can affect reality, and who uses his gifts to help the disappeared prisoners of Argentina. (Book World, October 11)