"Meditation and the sea are wedded forever," wrote Herman Melville. That may be. But when they are not meditating, writers have produced many lively works with nautical themes. What follows is a list of some ships that have figured in novels and poems and a list of the authors who wrote them. Pair the ship with the author. (1) Hispaniola (2) Patna (3) Deutschland (4) Exodus (5) Vera (6) Nautilus (7) Caine (8) Hesperus (9) Lydia (10) Argo (11) Bellipotent (a) Apollonius of Rhodes (b) C.S. Forester (c) Robert Louis Stevenson (d) Jules Verne (e) Joseph Conrad (f) Herman Melville (g) Herman Wouk (h) Gerard Manley Hopkins (i) Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (j) Katherine Anne Porter (k) Leon Uris

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