In honor of St. Valentine, Book Bag invites you to identify this slate of lovers:

1. "That girl in the omnibus had one of those faces of marvellous beauty which are seen casually in the streets but never among one's friends. Where do these women come from? Who marries them? Who knows them?" Perhaps such phantom pulchritude inspired the speaker, best known for his magnificent rural heroines. Name that girl watcher.

2. This poet and political activist sent "the Cherry Blossom letter" and "the Communist Manifesto letter" to his beloved "Paula." The passionate stage of their correspondence began after they attended Edward Steichen's birthday party. Who were they?

3. What bride received a toxic toga for a wedding present?

4. When we first encounter pretty, vain young Fred Peloux, he is wearing pajamas and his lover's pearl necklace. By what name is Fred more commonly known?

5. Who was Emma Rouault's husband?

6. "The image in the mirror was instantaneously transformed: suddenly it was a woman in her undergarments . . . with a terribly out of place bowler hat on her head, holding the hand of a man in a grey suit and tie." Who are they?

7. What poet wrote, "Now hatred is by far the longest pleasure:/ Men love in haste, but they detest at leisure"?

8. What legendary satyr ended his days a querulous old goat, tending a library in Bohemia?

9. Craggy Gregory Peck was the unlikely film personification of the infidel who cracked, "This being in love is great -- you get a lot of compliments and begin to think you are a great guy." Name the speaker.

All entries (one per person) must be clearly written on postcards and mailed to: Book Bag, The Washington Post, Washington, D.C. 20071, and must include complete return address and competition number. The winning entry will be the first correct answer drawn at random. Employees of The Washington Post Company and their families are not eligible to enter. Entries must be received no later than February 25. The winner's name and city of residence will be announced in the March 6 issue of Book World. A Washington Post Book World book bag will be sent to the winner.

Answer to Book Bag #455: The novelist and lecturer who took an instant dislike to each other when they met in Washington were Henry James and Oscar Wilde.

Winner: Inez Ryan, Kensington, Md.