Keats hailed autumn as the "season of mists and mellow fruitfulness," while Shakespeare found in the season a metaphor for his own aging ("That time of year thou mayst in me behold/ When yellow leaves, or none, or few do hang/ Upon these boughs which shake against the cold . . .") Name the authors and titles of the four poems from which the following autumnal lines are taken: (1) "While Autumn, nodding o'er the yellow plain, Comes jovial on." (2) "The skies they were ashen and sober; The leaves they were crispe`d and sere . . ." (3) "No spring, nor summer beauty hath such grace, As I have seen in one autumnal face." (4) "I praise the flower-barren fields, the clouds, the tall Unanswering branches where the wind makes sullen noise.

I praise the fall: it is the human season."

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Answer to Book Bag #600: The authors of the well-known quotations containing the word "child" are: (1)Edgar Allan Poe, (2) Walt Whitman, (3) William Wordsworth,(4) Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and (5) John Donne.

Winner: Jessie Schlotthauer (age 15), Arlington, Va.