Selling well in local independent bookstores:

Death of a Scriptwriter

By M. C. C. Beaton (Warner, $6.50)

Scottish Highland police constable Hamish Macbeth investigates a murder during the production of a television mystery series. (F)

The Ground Beneath Her Feet

By Salman Rushdie (Holt, $27.50)

... in which Rushdie brings a cast of rock stars out of Bombay and into America. (F)

Into the Porcupine Cave and Other Odysseys

By William W. Warner (National Geographic, $25)

A naturalist's adventures take him from one end of the globe to the other. (NF)

Midnight in Sicily

By Peter Robb (Random House, $13)

In a mix of travel and crime writing, Robb explores the art, cuisine, history and mafia of Sicily. (NF)

The Physics of Sunset

By Jane Vandenburgh (Pantheon, $24)

Against the backdrop of California's natural and man-made disasters, two intellectuals explore the depths of extramarital passion. (F)

A Rich Full Death

By Michael Dibdin (Knopf, $12)

In 1855, Florence, when several members of the American and English expat community are murdered, poet Robert Browning takes on the case as a private investigator. (F)

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