Selling well in local independent bookstores:

Legacy: A Biography of Moses and Walter Annenberg

By Christopher Ogden (Little, Brown, $29.95)

A dual life of a publishing magnate and his philanthropist son. (NF)

Legends of the American Desert

By Alex Shoumatoff (HarperCollins, $15)

A series of reflections on the American Southwest blending history, anthropology, natural science and sociology. (NF)

Michael Jordan and the New Global Capitalism

By Walter LaFeber (Norton, $22.95)

The story of how the image and idea of the most famous athlete in history are used by transnational corporations to spread the "American Way of Life." (NF)

The Physics of Sunset

By Jane Vandenburgh (Pantheon, $24)

Against the backdrop of California's natural and manmade disasters, two intellectuals explore the depths of an extramarital passion that threatens their secure worlds. (F)

A Vaudeville of Devils: 7 Moral Tales

By Robert Girardi (Delacorte, $24.95)

Faux folklore ranging in time from the medieval Levant to post-apocalyptic California. (F)

We Wish to Inform You That Tomorrow We Will Be Killed With Our Families: Stories From Rwanda

By Philip Gourevitch (Picador, $15)

What happened when over 800,000 people were murdered in 100 days. (NF)

The bestseller lists this week are culled from information submitted by Barnes & Noble, Crown, Olsson's and Waldenbooks based on sales from 8/8 - 8/14. Numbers within brackets, e.g. [5], represent the total number of weeks on the list. The "Washington Is Also Reading" list is based on reports from Chapters, Chuck & Dave's, Maryland Book Exchange, Reprint, Trover and Vertigo. Book World bestsellers hotline is 202-334-9000, category code 4175. (9/5/99)