Fiction weeks on list

1 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone [3]

By J. K. Rowling (Scholastic, $5.99)

A neglected young boy is invited to attend a school for wizards.

2 Hammer of Eden [1]

By Ken Follett (Fawcett, $7.99)

A New Age hippie guru plots mayhem and destruction.

3 Vinegar Hill [1]

By A. Manette Ansay (HarperCollins, $13)

A woman searches for spiritual freedom in a small Midwest town.

4 River, Cross My Heart [3]

By Breena Clarke (Little, Brown, $14.95)

The story of an African-American family in Georgetown circa 1925.

5 The Simple Truth [3]

By David Baldacci (Warner, $7.99)

A legal thriller involving a massive conspiracy in Washington.

6 The Poisonwood Bible [5]

By Barbara Kingsolver (HarperPerennial, $14)

The 30-year chronicle of a missionary family's life in the Congo.

7 Shadow Watch (Clancy's Power Play #3) [1]

By Tom Clancy and Martin Greenberg (Berkley, $7.99)

Ex-military commandos save the world for us again.

8 A Man in Full [4]

By Tom Wolfe (Bantam, $8.50)

The story of a Southern good ol' boy's fall from grace.

9 Memoirs of a Geisha [36]

By Arthur Golden (Vintage, $14)

A little girl's transformation into a beguiling temptress.

10 The Prodigal Spy [1]

By Joseph Kanon (Dell, $7.50)

Spycraft and intrigue during the paranoia filled McCarthy era.


1 Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution [119]

By Robert C. Atkins (Avon, $6.50)

2 The Carbohydrate Addict's Lifespan Program [5]

By Richard and Rachel Heller (Plume, $15.95)

3 The Carbohydrate Addict's Diet [6]

By Richard F. and Rachel F. Heller (Signet, $6.99)

4 Blind Man's Bluff [6]

By Sherry Sontag, Christopher Drew and Annette Drew (HarperCollins, $7.99)

5 Angela's Ashes [24]

By Frank McCourt (Touchstone, $14)

6 Dr. Atkin's New Carbo Gram Counter [9]

By Robert C. Atkins (M. Evans, $4.95)

7 The Professor and the Madman [4]

By Simon Winchester (Harper Perennial, $13)

8 Guns, Germs and Steel [27]

By Jared Diamond (Norton, $14.95)

9 The Carbohydrate Addict's Gram Counter [4]

By Richard and Rachel Heller (Signet, $4.99)

10 A Walk in the Woods [3]

By Bill Bryson (Broadway, $13)


Fiction weeks on list

1 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets [5]

By J. K. Rowling (Scholastic, $17.95)

Mischief and magic reign in Harry's second year of wizard school.

2 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban [7]

By J. K. Rowling (Scholastic, $19.95)

Harry completes his third year at Hogwarts.

3 Saving Faith [1]

By David Baldacci (Warner, $26.95)

Shady lobbyists and the CIA do business in N. Virginia.

4 Pop Goes the Weasel [4]

By James Patterson (Little, Brown, $26.95)

A series of killings in D.C . prompts Alex Cross to investigate.

5 Hunting Badger [1]

By Tony Hillerman (HarperCollins, $26)

Navaho Reservation police and the FBI struggle to hunt a cop-killer.

6 Irresistible Forces [2]

By Danielle Steel (Delacorte, $26.95)

A bi-coastal couple feels their love pulled in opposite directions.

7 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone [6]

By J. K. Rowling (Scholastic, $17.95)

A neglected boy is invited to attend a school for wizards.

8 A Walk to Remember [5]

By Nicholas Sparks (Warner, $19.95)

A man reflects on his first true love, a Baptist minister's daughter.

9 "O" Is For Outlaw [5]

By Sue Grafton (Henry Holt, $26)

P.I. Millhone reexamines an old murder and a failed marriage.

10 Blue at the Mizzen [3]

By Patrick O'Brian (Norton, $24)

A daring captain heads for high adventure on the high seas of old.


1 'Tis [8]

By Frank McCourt (Scribner, $26)

2 When Pride Still Mattered:

A Life of Vince Lombardi [7]

By David Maraniss (Simon & Schuster, $26)

3 Tuesdays With Morrie [98]

By Mitch Albom (Doubleday, $19.95)

4 Sugar Busters [59]

By H. Leighton Steward, et al. (Ballantine, $22)

5 All the Best, George Bush [5]

By George Bush (Scribner, $24.95)

6 The Greatest Generation [38]

By Tom Brokaw (Random House, $24.95)

7 Building Healthy Minds [1]

By Stanley Greenspan (Perseus, $25)

8 A Setback is a Setup for a Comeback [1]

By Willie Jolley (St. Martin's, $23.95)

9 Don't Sweat the Small Stuff in Love [4]

By Richard and Kristine Carlson (Hyperion, $15.95)

10 Faith of My Fathers [10]

By John McCain with Mark Salter

(Random House, $25)

Washington Is Also Reading

Selling well in local independent bookstores:

The Colony of Unrequited Dreams

By Wayne Johnson (Doubleday, $24.95)

This historical novel about Joe Smallwood traces his Dickensian rise to power from scholarship student to premier of Newfoundland. (F)

Come Back Alive: The Ultimate Guide to Surviving Disasters, Kidnapping, Animal Attacks and Other Nasty Perils of Modern Travel

By Robert Young Pelton

(Doubleday, $14.95) (NF)

The Nothing That Is:

A Natural History of Zero

By Robert Kaplan (Oxford UP, $22)

An expert elucidates the history and uses of the symbol for nothing, ranging from its treatment in math and science to linguistics, medieval metaphysics, accounting, pedagogy and literary interpretation. (NF)

The Story of Philosophy

By Bryna Magee (DK, $29.95)

Tracing 2,500 years of Western philosophy, this reference book features abundant photos, sidebars and illustrations along with text by a world-renowned philosopher. (NF)

A Vaudeville of Devils: 7 Moral Tales

By Robert Girardi (Delacorte, $24.95)

Faux folklore from the medieval Levant to post-apocalyptic California. (F)

Where the Sea Used to Be

By Rick Bass (Mariner, $14)

Elaborate love triangles and the clash of obsessions -- personal, spiritual and environmental -- dominate this nature writer's first novel. (F)

The bestseller lists this week are culled from information submitted by Barnes & Noble, Borders, Crown, Olsson's and Waldenbooks based on sales from 11/7 - 11/13. Numbers within brackets, e.g. [5], represent the total number of weeks on the list. The "Washington Is Also Reading" list is based on reports from Chapters, Chuck & Dave's, Maryland Book Exchange, Reprint, Trover and Vertigo. Book World bestsellers hotline is 202-334-9000, category code 4175. (12/05/99)