Best Business Crime Writing of the Year

Ed. by James Surowiecki (Vintage, $12)

Even a cursory glance at the newspaper these days makes it obvious that you don't have to turn to fiction to read shocking tales of crime and corporate greed. Surowiecki, a business reporter for the New Yorker magazine, has assembled a noteworthy collection of journalism on corporate crime, from Enron to Tyco and all the scandals in between. (NF)

Death in Paradise

By Robert B. Parker (Berkley, $7.99)

Jesse Stone, Parker's newest investigative hero, has ably fended off comparisons to the author's now-legendary sleuth, Spenser. He now appears in his third tale of murder and mischief. After a painful divorce and drinking woes have forced him out of the LAPD, he repairs to sheriff duty in the small town of Paradise, Mass. Small towns, though, have big problems too -- a murdered girl found floating in a lake is just the start. (F)

"The World's Best Books"

By Jay Satterfield (Univ. of Mass., $29.95)

A cultural phenomenon was born in the fall of 1930 when Macy's department store began offering a series of affordable, clothbound books by the Modern Library with the hope of drawing people into the store. The books were a huge success, but more remarkable was how the story of how the publisher sustained the tenuous balance between books as commodities and the creation of a revered cultural institution. (NF)

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