Fire In My Soul

By Eleanor Holmes Norton (Atria, $25)

Norton, well-known as the D.C. delegate in Congress for more than a decade, has been a civil rights activist since her days at Antioch College. There, she met her close friend, Joan Steinau Lester, who interviewed Norton's colleagues and friends and solicited Norton's own comments in this memoir. (NF)

Music of a Life

By Andrei{dier} Makine (Arcade, $21.95) Makine, a Russian e{acute}migre{acute} who writes in French and has snagged France's top two literary prizes, relates the story of a young Muscovite musician, Alexe Berg, living in the terror of Stalin's Russia. Days before his concert debut, his parents are arrested, forcing him to flee to the Ukraine. For the next two decades, he ekes out a meager existence, at one point a soldier, but never as the person he had hoped to be. (F)

The Nine Emotional Lives of Cats

By Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson (Ballantine, $24.95)

Feline lovers need no convincing that their animal companions have a wide range of emotions. In this work, Masson, a former psychoanalyst, bolsters their case and shatters the myth that cats are aloof and distant by detailing their nine basic emotions and their complex interactions with humans. (NF)

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