Full Tilt

By Janet Evanovich and Charlotte Hughes (St. Martin's, $7.99)

The first collaboration between these two established writers yields the tale of a caper in tiny Beaumont, S.C. Jamie Swift owns the local paper; Max Holt is a billionaire Casanova (and an investor in the newspaper), in town to help his brother, the new mayor, find some missing funds. A near-fatal shooting launches Max and Jamie off on a full-fledged investigation while they also try to deal with their mutual attraction. (F)


By Stuart M. Isacoff (Vintage, $13)

How best to formulate musical temperament, the relationship between notes on a scale? The author delves into the history of this question, covering the debate from the early Greeks to the 17th century. He gives us a full account of the creation of equal temperament, a system that produced equidistant pitches and the modern keyboard -- while reshaping music composition for the next three centuries, and counting. (NF)

Wine and War

By Don & Petie Kladstrup (Broadway, $14)

The German army's plundering advance across Europe eventually reached the prized vineyards and winemaking houses of France. The five vintner families profiled here were determined to hide and safeguard their assets, using brave and often daring ploys to deceive the Germans. Among other things, they sabotaged shipments, fobbed off inferior wine and smuggled Resistance members and Jewish refugees in wine caskets. (NF)

The bestseller lists this week are culled from information submitted by Barnes & Noble, Borders and Olsson's based on sales from 02/10-02/16. *Due to an editing error, the #6 ranked hardcover fiction book, "Life of Pi," was missing from last week's bestseller list. It was the novel's 16th week on the list. (03/02/03)