Baby Momma Drama

By Carl Weber (Kensington, $24)

A sex-riddled tale of two sisters, Jasmine and Stephanie, and their troubles with men. Jasmine has a stable job, and waits patiently for her boyfriend to finish his prison term. Stephanie, meanwhile, lacks the job security but has found a reliable, decent guy eager to get married and adopt her young daughter. Unfortunately, temptation and subterfuge wreak havoc on their lives. (F)

The Four Nations

By Frank Welsh (Yale Univ., $35)

Historian Welsh examines the how four quite distinct countries came to be formed into a single entity, dominated (some say supressed) by England. The book takes us from the Roman invasion of Britannia through the Act of Union in 1707 to the current government's ambitious plan of "devolution" -- a relinquishing of authority from London to elected assemblies in Scotland and Wales. (NF)

Washington in Maps: 1606-2000

By Iris Miller (Rizzoli, $50)

Miller, a local landscape architect and professor, has compiled a thorough array of maps of the nation's capital that offers unique insight into the evolution of urban planning. It includes maps from the 17th century (compliments of Capt. John Smith), L'Enfant's Baroque aspirations for a grand capital city and architects' visionary renderings of future possibilities. (NF)

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