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PaperbackFiction1ANNA KARENINA (Penguin, $16). By Leo Tolstoy

An illicit affair and its tragic consequences set amid the milieu of 19th-century Russian high society.12ANGELS & DEMONS (Pocket Star, $7.99). By Dan Brown

The Illuminati, a secret cabal, threatens the Vatican at the outset of a papal conclave.233DARK HORSE (Bantam, $7.99). By Tami Hoag

A former cop delves into the seedy side of the equestrian world to find a missing teenager being held for ransom.14THE CURIOUS INCIDENT OF THE DOG IN THE NIGHT-TIME

(Vintage, $12). By Mark Haddon. An autistic boy digs into a poodle's death, unearthing some family secrets.35TO THE NINES (St. Martin's, $7.99). By Janet Evanovich

Bounty hunter Stephanie Plum heads to Las Vegas to find a contract worker who vanishes when his visa expires.16THE KNOWN WORLD (Amistad, $13.95)

By Edward P. Jones. The tangled relationship between an ex-slave and his former master.27THE HEART IS A LONELY HUNTER (Mariner, $12)

By Carson McCullers. A lonely girl and a deaf-mute man form an emotional, special camaraderie in 1930s Georgia.68THE MACKADE BROTHERS: DEVIN & SHANE

(Silhouette, $14.95). By Nora Roberts. The bachelor siblings, one a sheriff, the other a rancher, find true love.29THE LOVELY BONES (Back Bay, $13.95). By Alice Sebold

From her perch in heaven, a young girl witnesses the impact of her brutal murder on friends and family.710DECEPTION POINT (Pocket, $7.99). By Dan Brown

A meteorite discovered by NASA, containing never-before-seen fossils, may be a giant hoax.23Nonfiction/General1READING LOLITA IN TEHRAN (Random House, $13.95)

By Azar Nafisi. A professor's memoir of her clandestine Western literature discussion groups for women students.202A RIP IN HEAVEN: A MEMOIR OF A MURDER AND ITS

AFTERMATH (NAL, $12.95). By Jeanine Cummins

A spring-break vacation takes a tragic turn.13BENJAMIN FRANKLIN: AN AMERICAN LIFE

(Simon & Schuster, $16.95). By Walter Isaacson. The accomplished life of the inventor, politician and diplomat.54STUPID WHITE MEN ... AND OTHER SORRY EXCUSES FOR

THE STATE OF THE NATION (ReganBooks, $13.95)

By Michael Moore. Biting critiques on a range of issues.45NICKEL AND DIMED: ON (NOT) GETTING BY IN AMERICA

(Owl, $13). By Barbara Ehrenreich. The author reports on the working poor by joining their ranks.16A ROYAL DUTY (Signet, $7.99). By Paul Burrell

The former royal butler describes his relationship -- both personal and professional -- with Diana, Princess of Wales.17BRINGING DOWN THE HOUSE: THE INSIDE STORY OF SIX


(Free Press, $14). By Ben Mezrich. Winning at blackjack.168LIVING HISTORY (Scribner, $16)

By Hillary Rodham Clinton. The senator and former first lady offers a new afterword in this edition of her memoir.89ME TALK PRETTY ONE DAY (Back Bay, $14.95)

By David Sedaris. Autobiographical essays told with an appreciation for life's ironies.110BEOWULF (Norton, $13.95). By Seamus Heaney

The Whitbread Prize-winning translation of the Anglo-Saxon epic by the Irish poet and Nobel laureate.1HardcoverFiction1THE DA VINCI CODE (Doubleday, $24.95)

By Dan Brown. Ciphers and riddles impede a symbologist's quest for the Holy Grail and a murderer's identity.232THE RULE OF FOUR (Dial, $24). By Ian Caldwell &

Dustin Thomason. Four roommates at Princeton attempt to unlock the secrets of a 15th-century manuscript.43THE FIVE PEOPLE YOU MEET IN HEAVEN

(Hyperion, $19.95). By Mitch Albom. A parable illustrating the importance of life's smallest acts.234ANGELS & DEMONS (Atria, $19.95). By Dan Brown

The hardcover edition of Brown's thriller revolving around a nefarious group's plot against the Vatican.175A GOOD YEAR (Knopf, $24). By Peter Mayle

When a London financier inherits a Provencal vineyard, he jettisons his less-than-stellar career and moves there.16HIDDEN PREY (Putnam, $26.95). By John Sandford

Detective Davenport, acting as a special agent, is assigned to the case of a Russian found murdered on the docks.47THE TAKING (Bantam, $27). By Dean R. Koontz

A rural California town, doused with an eerie, radiant downpour, soon realizes it's part of a global alien invasion.28THE JANE AUSTEN BOOK CLUB (Putnam, $23.95)

By Karen Joy Fowler. Heady emotions and intimate secrets arise amid the book club's discussions of the Austen canon.59THE NARROWS (Little, Brown, $25.95)

By Michael Connelly. The killer "the Poet" strikes again, and a close friend of Harry Bosch is the latest victim.510BERGDORF BLONDES (Miramax, $23.95). By Plum Sykes

The lavish, shopping-spree, cocktail-fuled life of a young Manhattan socialite eagerly searching for love.2Nonfiction/General1DRESS YOUR FAMILY IN CORDUROY AND DENIM

(Little, Brown, $24.95). By David Sedaris. Another round of amusing, self-deprecating essays.12BATTLE READY (Putnam, $28.95). By Tom Clancy

with Gen. Tony Zinni & Tony Koltz. The four-decade career of the retired head of the U.S. Central Command.23PLAN OF ATTACK (Simon & Schuster, $28)

By Bob Woodward. Assessing the motives behind the administration's green-lighting of the war in Iraq.74BIG RUSS & ME: FATHER AND SON: LESSONS OF LIFE

(Miramax, $22.95). By Tim Russert. A memoir by the NBC journalist, including a tribute to his father.45ALEXANDER HAMILTON (Penguin Press, $35)

By Ron Chernow. The remarkable life of the Founding Father who went from aide-de-camp to treasury secretary.66FATHER JOE: THE MAN WHO SAVED MY SOUL

(Random House, $24.95). By Tony Hendra. The life-altering influence of a kindly Benedictine monk.17FOUNDING MOTHERS: THE WOMEN WHO RAISED

OUR NATION (Morrow, $24.95). By Cokie Roberts

Documenting the contributions of wives and mothers.88ON THE DOWN LOW: A JOURNEY INTO THE LIVE OF


(Broadway, $21.95). By J. L. King79GRACE AND POWER: THE PRIVATE WORLD OF

THE KENNEDY WHITE HOUSE (Random House, $29.95)

By Sally Bedell Smith. Tales of courage and scandal.410WHY COURAGE MATTERS: THE WAY TO A BRAVER LIFE

(Random House, $16.95). By John McCain

with Mark Salter. Sketches of exemplary lives.1 Rankings reflect sales for the week ended June 6, 2004. The charts may not be reproduced without permission from Nielsen BookScan. Copyright © 2004 by Nielsen BookScan. (Right-hand column of italicized numbers reflects weeks on this list, which premiered in Book World on Jan. 11, 2004. Advice and self-help books appear on a separate, monthly list.)