On Manifest Destiny

The North-America territorial expansion was mainly justified by the Doctrine of Manifest Destiny, in which the US carried out the annexation of areas between the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans. The North Americans were chosen by destiny to dominate America. In reality the territorial advancement was in fact due to the international capitalist goals of expansion.

-- From a Brazilian textbook

On Reconstruction

In order to undermine the spirit of the newly amended Constitution of the United States that now considered the black population civilly and judicially equal, countless artificial barriers were erected, some legal, others illegal. Such was the beginning of terrorist groups like the Klu [sic] Klux Klan (1867) which resorted to all means of intimidation, including murder, in order to discourage the black and Latino minorities from fighting for their rights.

-- From a Mexican textbook

On the U.S. Occupation of Cuba

When the first US governor, General John R. Brooke, officially took over the administration of Cuba, the United States realized one of its oldest and dearest ambitions. It considered Cuba a vital enclave in its economic, political and military strategy, as well as a testing ground where it could try out all forms of domination that it would then implement in other countries of the Americas.

-- From a Cuban textbook

On the Vietnam War

Five generations of American presidents with their legs bound together oversaw four different American plans of imperialist attack and invasion. They directly invested almost $676 billion in the war in Vietnam (compared with $341 billion in the Second World War and $54 billion in the Korean War), and if you include the indirect costs it comes to almost $920 billion. At its peak, they mobilized 550,000 active workers, along with workers from five other countries that totaled 70,000. There were more than 1 million enemy puppet soldiers in southern Vietnam either directly fighting or in supportive roles. On both sides of our country they dropped more than 7 or 8 million tons of bombs, more bombs than were dropped in any previous war.

-- From a Vietnamese textbook

On "The Second Confrontation" with Israel

It took the form of a treacherous tripartite aggression on Egypt and the Gaza Strip on the part of Israel, France and Britain in [1956]. Thus, the forces of Imperialism, Crusadism and Zionism cooperated in pouring their hidden malice on the Arabs and the Muslims.

-- From a Saudi textbook

On a New World Order

The Cold War is finished but it still remains to construct a new international order. Despite the UN, NGOs like Doctors Without Borders and Catholic Charities, and innumerable treaties signed between states, the law of the jungle prevails.

-- From a French textbook