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PaperbackFiction1THE NOTEBOOK (Warner, $12.95; $7.50)

By Nicholas Sparks. In this first novel, an unfulfilled teenage romance gets a second chance 14 years later.102ANGELS & DEMONS (Pocket Star, $7.99). By Dan Brown

The Illuminati, a secret cabal, threatens the Vatican at the outset of a papal conclave.333THE TEETH OF THE TIGER (Berkley, $7.99)

By Tom Clancy. A private vigilante corps wages an ambitious campaign to protect U.S. interests worldwide.34THE WEDDING (Warner, $12.95). By Nicholas Sparks

In this sequel to Sparks's "The Notebook," Wilson Lewis vows to rekindle his 30-year marriage.75BEACH GIRLS (Bantam, $7.50). By Luanne Rice

The accidental death of one of the title characters leads to grief and some unsettling confidences.26THE CURIOUS INCIDENT OF THE DOG IN THE NIGHT-TIME (Vintage,$12). By Mark Haddon. An autistic boy digs into the death of a poodle, uncovering some family secrets.137BLEACHERS (Dell, $6.99). By John Grisham

A former high school football star returns to his hometown when he learns that his old coach is dying.88LIFE OF PI (Harvest, $14). By Yann Martel

Stranded on the high seas with a Bengal tiger, a boy relies on his imagination and a bit of faith to survive.89HELLO, DARKNESS (Pocket Star, $7.99)

By Sandra Brown. A deejay's advice for the lovelorn prompts an obsessive man to kidnap his girlfriend.410THE SINNER (Ballantine, $7.99). By Tess Gerritsen

A vicious attack on two nuns brings to light a sinister, long-buried mystery at a Boston convent.1Nonfiction/General1THE 9/11 COMMISSION REPORT: FINAL REPORT



(St. Martin's, $6.99). Details of the National Commission's inquiry that yielded a final report in July.23READING LOLITA IN TEHRAN (Random House, $13.95)

By Azar Nafisi. A professor's memoir of her clandestine Western literature discussion groups for women students.304LIES AND THE LYING LIARS WHO TELL THEM

(Plume, $14). By Al Franken. The political humorist and talk show host takes issue with the conservative agenda.35DREAMS FROM MY FATHER: A STORY OF RACE

AND INHERITANCE (Three Rivers, $13.95)

By Barack Obama. Memoir by the rising politician.16UNDER THE BANNER OF HEAVEN: A STORY OF

VIOLENT FAITH (Anchor, $14.95). By Jon Krakauer

A look at a shocking 1984 murder in the name of religion.107DUDE, WHERES MY COUNTRY? (Warner, $14.95)

By Michael Moore. An evaluation of the current administration topped off with election strategies.58THE DEVIL IN THE WHITE CITY (Vintage, $14.95)

By Erik Larson. Serial killer Henry Holmes preys on Chicago residents amid the bustle of the 1893 World's Fair.269ME TALK PRETTY ONE DAY (Back Bay, $14.95)

By David Sedaris. Autobiographical essays told with an appreciation of life's many ironies.1110BRINGING DOWN THE HOUSE: THE INSIDE STORY OF SIX


(Free Press, $14). By Ben Mezrich. Winning at blackjack.26HardcoverFiction1THE DA VINCI CODE (Doubleday, $24.95). By Dan Brown

Ciphers and riddles impede a symbologist's quest for the Holy Grail and a murderer's identity.332THE RULE OF FOUR (Dial, $24). By Ian Caldwell &

Dustin Thomason. Four roommates at Princeton attempt to unlock the secrets of a 15th-century manuscript.143SKINNY DIP (Knopf, $24.95). By Carl Hiaasen

A sleazy biologist, concealing an agribusiness's Everglades pollution, is undone by the wife he thought he murdered.54THE FIVE PEOPLE YOU MEET IN HEAVEN

(Hyperion, $19.95). By Mitch Albom. A parable illustrating the importance of life's smallest acts.335ANGELS & DEMONS (Atria, $19.95). By Dan Brown

The hardcover edition of Brown's thriller revolving around a nefarious group's plot against the Vatican.276VISIONS IN DEATH (Putnam, $21.95). By J.D. Robb

NYC cop Eve Dallas and her partner, Detective Peabody, pursue a serial killer with the aid of a psychic's unique gift.27LOST CITY (Putnam, $26.95). By Clive Cussler with

Paul Kemprecos. A protein found in the ocean's depths, able to extend life, is key to a plot of world domination.38R IS FOR RICOCHET (Putnam, $26.95). By Sue Grafton

P.I. Kinsey Millhone agrees to look after a just-paroled heiress, whose former boss is wanted by the Feds.59SAM'S LETTERS TO JENNIFER (Little, Brown, $24.95)

By James Patterson. A Chicago columnist and widow finds a cache of letters written to her by her grandmother.710BRIMSTONE (Warner, $25.95). By Douglas Preston &

Lincoln Child. Agent Pendergast returns to uncover a murderous villain of seemingly supernatural origins.2Nonfiction/General1AMERICAN SOLDIER (ReganBooks, $27.95)

By Gen. Tommy Franks with Malcom McConnell

Memoir by the retired head of the U.S. Central Command.22UNFIT FOR COMMAND: SWIFT BOAT VETERANS


By John E. O'Neill & Jerome R. Corsi. A contrary view.13MY LIFE (Knopf, $35). By Bill Clinton

The former president's lengthy reminiscences about his tumultuous childhood and political achievements.84IMPERIAL HUBRIS: WHY THE WEST IS LOSING THE

WAR ON TERROR (Brassey's, $27.50). By Anonymous

A CIA agent's persuasive argument for policy change.65BUSHWORLD: ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK

(Putnam, $25.95). By Maureen Dowd. A collection of columns culled from the op-ed page of the New York Times.26THE MISSING PEACE: THE INSIDE STORY OF THE


By Dennis B. Ross. Insight from an American envoy.27DRESS YOUR FAMILY IN CORDUROY AND DENIM

(Little, Brown, $24.95). By David Sedaris. Another round of amusing, often self-deprecating essays.118SHADOW DIVERS (Random House, $26.95)

By Robert Kurson. A pair of American divers' near-obsessive effort to identify a submerged WWII U-boat.79A MATTER OF CHARACTER: INSIDE THE WHITE HOUSE

OF GEORGE W. BUSH (Sentinel, $24.95)

By Ronald Kessler. A supportive portrait of the West Wing.110FATHER JOE: THE MAN WHO SAVED MY SOUL

(Random House, $24.95). By Tony Hendra. The life-altering influences of a kindly Benedictine monk.11 Rankings reflect sales for the week ended August 15, 2004. The charts may not be reproduced without permission from Nielsen BookScan. Copyright © 2004 by Nielsen BookScan. (Right-hand column of italicized numbers reflects weeks on this list, which premiered in Book World on Jan. 11, 2004. Advice and self-help books appear on a separate, monthly list.)