PaperbackFiction1THE KITE RUNNER (Riverhead, $14). By Khaled Hosseini

An Afghan immigrant returns to his Taliban-ruled country in the hope of atoning for a childhood betrayal.552LONDON BRIDGES (Warner Vision, $7.99)

By James Patterson. Alex Cross's nemesis, the Wolf, aims to extort billions by threatening to annihilate entire cities.43NORTHERN LIGHTS (Jove, $9.99). By Nora Roberts

The usual tranquility of Lunacy, Alaska, is ruffled when a resident, missing for 16 years, is discovered murdered.44LIGHT ON SNOW (Back Bay, $14.95). By Anita Shreve

The emotional repercussions of a father and daughter's discovery of an abandoned infant in the woods.65WICKED: THE LIFE AND TIMES OF THE WICKED

WITCH OF THE WEST (Regan, $15). By Gregory Maguire

This riff on the "Oz" tales features a misunderstood witch.106TWISTED (Ballantine, $7.99). By Jonathan Kellerman

Hollywood homicide detective Petra Connor hunts a serial killer who strikes on the same date each year.47HOUR GAME (Warner Vision, $7.99). By David Baldacci

A murderer, mimicking the modus operandi of notorious serial killers, threatens the hamlet of Wrightsburg, Va.88METRO GIRL (HarperTorch, $7.99). By Janet Evanovich

Alex Barnaby hits Miami and points beyond in a risky gamble to locate her missing brother.39THE PLOT AGAINST AMERICA (Vintage, $14.95)

By Philip Roth. In this imagined history, Charles Lindbergh, as a Nazi sympathizer, is elected U.S. president.310TWO-DOLLAR BILL (Signet, $9.99). By Stuart Woods

Cop-turned-lawyer Stone Barrington is duped by a new client who turns out to be a con man extraordinaire.2Nonfiction/General1A MILLION LITTLE PIECES (Anchor, $14.95)

By James Frey. A former screenwriter and drug dealer's chronicle of addiction and recovery.52WHY DO MEN HAVE NIPPLES? (Three Rivers, $12.95)

By Mark Leyner and Billy Goldberg. Audacious questions to ask your doctor after that third cocktail.113THE TIPPING POINT: HOW LITTLE THINGS CAN

MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE (Back Bay, $14.95)

By Malcolm Gladwell. A look at fads and their origins.434THE DEVIL IN THE WHITE CITY (Vintage, $14.95)

By Erik Larson. Serial killer H.H. Holmes preys on Chicago residents amid the bustle of the 1893 World's Fair.865BAD CAT: 244 NOT-SO-PRETTY KITTIES AND

CATS GONE BAD (Workman, $9.99). By Jim Edgar

Candid photos of felines acting up and acting out.286JARHEAD: A MARINE'S CHRONICLE OF THE


By Anthony Swofford. A Marine sniper reminisces.17IN COLD BLOOD (Vintage, $14). By Truman Capote

Its melding of crime reportage and a novel's structure made this account of a 1959 Kansas murder an instant classic.18READING LOLITA IN TEHRAN (Random House, $13.95)

By Azar Nafisi. A professor recalls her clandestine Western literature discussion groups for women students.909WHEN WILL JESUS BRING THE PORK CHOPS?

(Hyperion, $13.95). By George Carlin. The comedian's mocking riffs on America's political and social climate.110GUNS, GERMS, AND STEEL (Norton, $16.95)

By Jared Diamond. The impact of geography and the environment on the course of civilization.45HardcoverFiction1AT FIRST SIGHT (Warner, $24.95). By Nicholas Sparks

Jeremy Marsh and Lexie Darnell, last seen in Sparks's "True Believer," are coping with the stress of engagement.12KNIFE OF DREAMS: BOOK ELEVEN OF THE

WHEEL OF TIME (Tor, $29.95). By Robert Jordan

The penultimate volume of Jordan's fantasy epic.23CONSENT TO KILL (Atria, $25.95). By Vince Flynn

Mitch Rapp, CIA assassin, juggles multiple adversaries, a $20 million bounty on his head and his wife's pregnancy.24THE AMBLER WARNING (St. Martin's, $25.95)

By Robert Ludlum. A covert U.S. operative, a 20-year vet, is detained in a government hospital for reasons unknown.15SAVING FISH FROM DROWNING (Putnam, $26.95)

By Amy Tan. A Burmese vacation is scuttled when American travelers are seized by a mystical rebel tribe. 16THE LINCOLN LAWYER (Little, Brown, $26.95)

By Michael Connelly. A defense attorney, who works modestly out of a Lincoln Town Car, lands a wealthy client.37BLUE SMOKE (Putnam, $25.95). By Nora Roberts

Arson inspector Reena Hale's thriving career and budding romance are in jeopardy thanks to a firebug with a grudge.38A WEDDING IN DECEMBER (Little, Brown, $25.95)

By Anita Shreve. A winter wedding sets the stage for a group of college friends' reunion, exposing myriad secrets.29THE MARCH (Random House, $25.95)

By E.L. Doctorow. Gen. Tecumseh Sherman's slash and burn through Georgia and the Carolinas in the Civil War.510SON OF A WITCH (Regan, $26.95). By Gregory Maguire

Sequel to Maguire's hit novel, "Wicked," this fable follows the young Liir on a quest for answers about his parentage.4Nonfiction/General1MY FBI: BRINGING DOWN THE MAFIA, INVESTIGATING


(St. Martin's, $25.95). By Louis J. Freeh22THE CITY OF FALLING ANGELS (Penguin Press, $25.95)

By John Berendt. Venice, where the author moved in 1997, is affectionately portrayed here in all its glory and decay.43THE WORLD IS FLAT: A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE


By Thomas L. Friedman. Globalism's colossal impact.294HEALTHY AGING: A LIFELONG GUIDE TO YOUR PHYSICAL


By Andrew Weil. A new perspective for staying vibrant.15FREAKONOMICS: A ROGUE ECONOMIST EXPLORES


By Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner286THE YEAR OF MAGICAL THINKING (Knopf, $23.95)

By Joan Didion. Reflecting on a year of grief and mourning after her husband's death and her daughter's illness.37LIFE IS NOT A FAIRY TALE (Fireside, $21.95)

By Fantasia. A blend of memoir, pragmatic advice and morsels of inspiration from the American Idol chanteuse.38THE COMPLETE CALVIN AND HOBBES

(Andrews McMeel, $150). By Bill Waterson. The cartoon strip in its entirety from its first syndication in 1985.391776 (Simon & Schuster, $32). By David McCullough

Military campaigns and personal narratives tell the story of the first full year of the American Revolution.2110BLINK: THE POWER OF THINKING WITHOUT THINKING

(Little, Brown, $25.95). By Malcolm Gladwell

The complex psychology behind our snap decisions.41 Rankings reflect sales for the week ended October 23, 2005. The charts may not be reproduced without permission from Nielsen BookScan. Copyright © 2005 by Nielsen BookScan. (Right-hand column of italicized numbers reflects weeks on this list, which premiered in Book World on Jan. 11, 2004. Advice, reference and self-help books appear on a separate, monthly list.)