our New LookThe moment I picked up the first newly designed Book World, I knew there was something I did not like about it. It seemed somehow less substantial. There were fewer pages, I assumed. But when I compared a recent edition to an older one, I discovered that, no, there were and still are 16 pages per issue. Then it hit me: The leading had increased! There was now more vertical space between each line. The page count hadn't changed, but there were now fewer words per column inch. What was advertised as an improvement in appearance was, in fact, a reduction in content.

If you feel that the new leading is more pleasing aesthetically, please compensate by increasing the page count to retain the same content per issue.

David Eisner University Park, Md.

Words on WarEach Sunday I look forward to "Book World," especially the reviews by Jonathan Yardley. He doesn't always review books in my area of interest but the reviews are always of interest and frequently encourage me to check the book out of the library.

That is true of his review of The Mighty Scourge (Book World, Feb. 11) . But, for me, he spoiled the review with his last three sentences, which interject his personal opinion of current events, almost as an afterthought, into an otherwise fine review. McPherson can make the case if he chooses, but Yardley blew it.

Bill LinehanBerlin, Md.

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