A new cabbage, crumpled-leaved Savoy prized for both coleslaw and cooking is a 1977 winner of the rarely awarded All-America Selections Gold Medal.

Along with the other All-America vegetable and flower winners, seeds will be available for this year's gardens.

In coleslaw Savoy's waffle-textured leaves don't pack down and become soggy and its unique delicate flavor surpasses that of ordinary cabbage. In cooking, the deep green color adds eye appeal to prepared dishes.

Savoy matures about aweek earlier thn Savoy King (which won an All-America Selections award in 1965) and its leaves are more distinctly textured. For best flavor the nearly round heads should be harvested at 4 to 4 1/2 pounds weight.

Three other new vegetables and four new flowers also were 1977 All-America Selections winners. The vegetables were Melody Hybrid spinach (silver medal), Scallipini Hybrid squash (bronze medal), and Spirit Hybrid pumpkin (bronze medal).

The flowers were Showgirl Hybrid geranium (bronze medal), Primrose Lady Hybrid marigold (bronze medal), Yellow Galore Hybrid marigold (bronze medal), and Blushing Maid Hybrid petunia (bronze medal).

A bronze medal is awarded for a definitely different and more desirable type; a silver medal for a truly outstanding and superior type and, a gold medal for an entry that is distinctly different and vastly superior to anything available before.

Melody Hybrid spinach plants are large and semi-erect with round crumpled leaves. It is resistant to downy mildew and cucumber mosaic virus 1, both crippling disease of spinach and other plants.

Spinach is definitely a cool-weather vegetable; don't plant it in late spring because it will quickly bolt to seed. Seed can be sown in late summer for fall harvest or (in mild climate) for winter crops.

You can slice or dice young fruits of Scallipini Hybrid squash for salads or dips. The raw fruit is tender, sweet and nut-like in flavor. Or you can cook it like zucchini, steamed, fried or baked in casseroles; the taste is similar. (SECTION) calopini fruits have inherited an attractive deep green skin from their Zucchini parentage rather than the greenish-white of Scallop squash.

Fruits can be harvested about 50 days after planting seed. Fruit quality is best at 2-to 4-inch diameter, before seeds begin to harden.

Spirit Hybrid pumpkins get to be 10 to 15 pounds in size and are ready for picking in plenty of time before Haloween. In addition, they will keep for months if stored in a dry area and not bruised.

Less space per vine is required than with the runner-type pumpkins. The pumpkins are bright-orange, flesh is thick and bright-yellow, excellent for pies. They are deep oval in shape and good for Halloween artistry.

Showgirl Hybrid geranium is of the new generation of geraniums that grow quickly and easily from seeds. The plants are compact and bloom earlier than competitive varieties on plants about 6 inches shorter.

The plants branch heavily from the base to produce dense growth and many bright rose-pink flowers which contrast well with bright-green leaves. Plants continue growing as they blossom, reaching about 18 inches at maturity.

Primrose Lady Hybrid marigold grows about 20 inches tall, has creamy-primorse-yellow flowers up to 3 1/2 inches in diameter. The plants resist breaking apart in blustery weather when the blossoms and foliage are heavy with rain.

Yellow Galore Hybrid marigolds are characterized by masses of 4 1/2 inch sparkling clear-yellow flowers on stocky 15 to 18-inch plants. They are covered with a solid mass of fresh blooms until frost.

Blushing Maid Hybrid petunia bears soft-pink double flowers, 3 to 3 1/2 inches in diameter, which blend beautifully with many other annual flowers and with evergreen backgrounds.

Branching and flowering begin while plants are quite small and continue all summer. Plants reach about 10 inches in height and 16 inches in spread at maturity.